If you are struggling with an alcohol or drug addiction, you should know that you aren't alone. One out of every 10 American adults suffers from a substance abuse disorder, but only a small percentage get the drug treatment they need. Drug treatment centers in Fort Lauderdale can assist individuals suffering from addiction or their loved ones in finding the needed treatment for recovery that meets the needs of the patients. The goals of Drug Treatment Centers in Fort Lauderdale is providing personalized drug rehab so that individuals can break free from their dependence both mentally and physically. If you are ready to live life free from your addiction once and for all, drug treatment centers in Fort Lauderdale are available to help you every step of the way. You have options for rehab and recovery facilities if one therapy isn't effective let them find the one that best meets your needs. Learn more about Drug Treatment Centers in Fort Lauderdale and let their professionals help you in finding the rehabilitation facility that is right for your needs. Begin rebuilding your life for a better and sober future.

What is Addiction?

Addiction is defined as a physical or emotional dependency to a substance. Many people assume that it is a matter of willpower alone, but in reality it is considered a disease. Overcoming a substance abuse disorder is one of the most challenging yet also rewarding things you could do. Choosing to get help will not only help you reclaim your life from the cycle of addiction, but will also significantly reduce your risk for serious health conditions such as heart disease, cancer and brain damage.

Risk Factors

Some people are more prone to addiction than others. Hereditary, environmental and social factors can all play a role in the formation of a substance abuse disorder. Having a family history of addiction can increase your risk of developing one yourself. In addition to this, being in an environment where substances are frequently abused can also play a role. Individuals with a mental illness may also be more susceptible to addiction. Sufferers may self-medicate with alcohol or drugs which only worsen symptoms overall.


Drug treatment in Fort Lauderdale can address both the physical and mental aspects of addiction. Medical detox is often used as a starting point because it can break the body's physical need for substances. It also reduces withdrawal symptoms which contributes to relapse prevention. Since it does not address the mental factors surrounding drug addiction, rehabilitation should be your next step.

Inpatient rehabilitation is the most effective type of treatment available for substance abuse disorders. It maintains strict residential requirements which eliminate the risk for relapse early on treatment. It also offers patients a strict daily routine to help them stay focused on the recovery process. With a variety of on-site activities and therapies, it is the most intensive type of treatment available.

Some people are unable to dedicate their time to inpatient rehabilitation and may opt for outpatient treatment instead. While not as effective as residential programs, this type of treatment can meet the needs of working adults or anyone else that is unable to complete a residential program.


Both types of rehabilitation offer different types of therapy that focus on various aspects of recovery. The following are the most popular:

Cognitive-behavioral therapy: Cognitive-behavioral therapy is a research-based way to alter maladaptive behaviors and addictive patterns. It introduces healthier behaviors that can be used to combat high risk situations, cravings and triggers.

Individual counseling: Individual counseling plays an important role in emotional coping. It offers a safe and supportive environment with a certified counselor. During it, patients can expect to work through problems they may be facing and develop healthy strategies to combat relapse, cravings and triggers.

Motivational incentives: Motivational incentives are typically offered by treatment centers because they increase participation in the recovery process and can help patients stay encouraged. Small rewards such as treats or gift cards are often used to help patients stay on track.

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