Medical Detox in Fort Lauderdale FL

Depending on the substance abused, there may be several steps involved with the rehabilitation process. For certain drugs and alcohol, medical detox is the first step. This involves the use of pharmacology and medical supervision to ease withdrawal symptoms and rid the body of any toxins. The medical detox staff at Drug Treatment Fort Lauderdale provide patients with the highest level of care possible, and give them a safe and comfortable environment in which to undergo this process. To learn more about medical detox programs and various facilities that best meet your needs, call (877) 804-1531 today.

Often, during medical detox uncomfortable and painful withdrawal symptoms will be endured, and this is most commonly seen in those who are heavy users. Unfortunately, if not properly monitored and treated, detox can lead to death. Medical supervision and medications are essential to helping patients get through this phase of treatment as safely as possible.

Once the body is clean, the healing process begins. During rehabilitation, clients will participate in group and individual counseling. This helps to repair any damage drugs or alcohol have done to the mind, and it helps to begin changing how the client views life without their substance of choice.

Going Through Detox

When an addict goes through detox, the severity of the withdrawal symptoms will be determined by the substances that were being abused, as well as the person's frequency of use. For example, a person who abuses only methamphetamine will go through a completely different detox than someone who abuses meth, Xanax and alcohol. By obtaining professional detox services, a person will likely experience diminished cravings for drugs, making it easier for them to maintain a sober lifestyle.

Effective detox services include the purification of an addict's body, meaning all toxins that are present will be flushed out. In doing so, it becomes less likely for a person to endure intense cravings. In fact, without the proper removal of toxins, those suffering from the disease of addiction are likely to have cravings for several years after drug use has ceased; this can lead to unnecessary relapses and negative consequences.

Benefits of Detox Services

When the body goes through detoxification, it can be a very painful process. Without proper treatment, the body may go into seizures or experience other serious medical complications. For those who have been abusing methamphetamine and/or cocaine, there is no medication that can be administered to directly help with withdrawal symptoms; however, many detox centers will prescribe benzodiazepine tranquilizers to lessen the physical and mental pain associated with withdrawal. Methadone is often administered to those who are suffering from a heroin addiction, and it can either be drank or injected.

After detox has been completed at Alcohol Rehab Fort Lauderdale, it is then time to enter into a therapeutic program. These programs are determined by a person's previous drug use as well as the complexity of their addiction. The staff at our residential treatment centers, will teach you how to manage stress. Addicts may be dealing with emotional pain at home or high levels of stress in the work place. We take your personality into consideration as we develop healthy coping mechanisms. Dieting and physical therapy and exercise will be implemented into a recovering addict's schedule. You may even have a support buddy to call on when cravings to consume drugs arise.

To speak to an addiction specialist about medical detox and your options for substance dependence treatment and the various rehabs available to best meet your specific needs, call Drug Treatment Fort Lauderdale at (877) 804-1531 today.


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