Prescription Drug Abuse in Fort Lauderdale

Prescription drug abuse has become a gateway to heroin addiction. A simple trip to the doctor for a painful condition often introduces the most unlikely people to a lifestyle of substance abuse. There are few drugs being abused today that is as lethal as narcotic pain pills and heroin. Patients can quickly become accustomed to the feeling that these drugs produce making it difficult to kick the habit after the drug is no longer needed. Prescription drug abuse can occur so effortlessly that the slide into dependence and addiction does not become truly evident until a drug overdose occurs or heroin becomes the new drug of choice.

Prescription drug abuse is often skewed by the fact that these addictive substances are doctor prescribed for a legitimate medical problem. Unfortunately prescription drug abuse has segued into epidemic proportion and a major public health problem. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, approximately 52 million people indulge in non-medical use of pain killer medications annually. A Miami Herald report noted that prior to 2010, synthetic drugs like Oxycodone was dispensed from pain clinics in Florida like candy. The "Oxy Express" was a phrase coined to describe the proliferation of pill mills in the state.

Prescription drug abuse in Fort Lauderdale is a growing problem that requires comprehensive treatment. For more information on how you can help your loved one conquer addiction, contact drug detox centers in Fort Lauderdale today.

Unfortunately clamping down on the pain clinics in cities like Fort Lauderdale caused a surge in heroin abuse that has not abated since 2012. As a cheaper, equally potent and readily available product, this transition turned even more deadly when heroin laced with other substances like fentanyl became trendy. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, at least one in fifteen people who use prescription medication for non-medical purposes are likely to try heroin within the next 10 years.

The Centers for Disease Control also report that:

  1. There were more than 16,000 drug poisoning deaths from prescription painkillers in 2010
  2. Prescription drug use has increased by 20% since 2006.
  3. The effects of prescription addiction can cause attempted or completed suicide

The Way Out of Prescription Drug Addiction

Early recognition of increasing tolerance levels can help to prevent the progression to addiction. Once the dosage has to be increased in order to get the same effects, it is an unmistakable indication of a budding dependence. The way out of prescription drug addiction is not to segue to another equally potent drug like heroin but to seek addiction treatment to stop the progression of this disease.

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