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Recovery programs are comprehensive treatment programs that help equip people who have a drug or alcohol addiction with the tools they need to enjoy successful long-term recovery.

Inpatient or outpatient treatment are both options for most recovery programs. Inpatient treatment is best for those who have been struggling with addiction for a long time, while outpatient treatment can be successful for people who have the deep personal motivation needed to recover while living at home.

Recovery programs begin with medical detox to break the physical addiction. After detox, various treatment therapies are used to treat the underlying psychological issues, which are highly complex and unique to each individual. The last phase of recovery programs is the implementation of an aftercare plan, which is designed specifically for each individual and helps those in recovery maintain the motivation and continue gaining the skills to help prevent a relapse. No matter what type of substance abuse you are struggling with, Drug Treatment Fort Lauderdale can help you find the best rehab for you specific needs.

Four Models of Treatment Therapy

Treatment therapies used to address the psychological issues behind an addiction generally fall into four different categories.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy helps patients identify thoughts, ideas, and attitudes that are unhealthy and which lead to destructive behaviors. Patients learn to replace these harmful ways of thinking and behaving with healthier ways.

Motivational interviewing helps patients identify their own personal reasons for wanting to beat a drug or alcohol addiction, which is essential for long-term recovery.

Family therapy works with close family members to improve the home environment, relieve stress, and help families learn to communicate in healthy and productive ways.

Motivational incentives offer patients tangible extrinsic rewards, such as vouchers or cash, for abstaining from drugs or alcohol and meeting personal recovery goals.

Types of Treatment Therapies

High quality recovery programs will offer both traditional and alternative therapies for a holistic approach to treatment that addresses issues of the mind and spirit as well as the body.

12-Step programs are highly effective, particularly when used as a complementary program in conjunction with treatment through an addiction rehab program. They promote a high level of personal accountability and offer those in recovery a platform for sharing experiences and resources.

Art and music therapy are alternative therapies that help patients communicate their emotions and experiences in healthy, creative ways, and they relieve stress and provide a productive way to fill idle time.

Biofeedback is an alternative therapy that helps patients learn to alleviate stress on the spot through strategies like performing deep breathing and progressive relaxation exercises.

Moral Reconation Therapy, or MRT, helps patients move from a hedonistic level of reasoning to a higher moral reasoning level that takes into consideration the greater individual and societal good when making decisions. Patients identify their purpose in life and improve their self-esteem while setting goals and building motivation for recovery.

The Principles of Effective Treatment

Over the years, research has helped experts identify a number of factors that make treatment programs successful. The culmination of this research is the Principles of Effective Treatment, which should guide any quality recovery program. The Principles include acknowledging that:

  • Addiction is a complex brain disease that affects thoughts and behaviors, and while it's not curable, treatment can successfully send it into remission.
  • Effective treatment will seek to identify and address the multiple needs of the individual and the complex underlying issues behind the addiction.
  • Treatment programs must be individualized for best results, and each individual treatment plan needs to be evaluated continually to ensure it's meeting new and changing needs.
  • Mental illness commonly accompanies a substance addiction, and an effective treatment program will address both the mental illness and the addiction, and treatment for each condition should be separate, but integrated.

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